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2023 Victoria's Children Christmas Challenge

God continues to amaze us at Victoria’s Children. Your faithful prayers and generous support have enabled us to take in more children this year. We currently have 38 and last year we had 16.

In addition to adding more children, we added Grace and Mary to the Victoria’s Children administrative team. Grace is my stepdaughter and Mary is my sister. They both have a heart and passion for Victoria’s Children. They have been a blessing to the children, house
mothers and staff.

But, with growth comes challenges. We are now facing the challenge of providing appropriate housing for the administrative team while staying at Victoria’s Children. Many times, their positions require them to spend extended time at the orphanage. They are currently living in the dorm with the children, and this isn’t optimal.

Our goal for 2024 is to build a three-bedroom home on the Victoria’s Children campus for Grace, Mary and other team members as needed. The estimated cost of construction is $50,000.


Will you consider donating to Victoria’s Children for this much needed project?


You can send a check in the addressed envelope included in this letter or donate online at

Even though we encounter challenges, by God’s grace and mercy, we continue to witness the children being transformed in many ways. From pain, shame, hurt and brokenness, we are witnessing strong, loving, and caring children emerge.

Thank you for your prayers and support of Victoria’s Children.

Faith Obonyo
Founder and Board President

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