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Our Previous Campus

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

When we started Victoria’s Children in 2014, we rented a home in Makuyu (which is about an hour south of our current orphanage). Our founder, Faith Obonyo, is from Kenya and has connections to the area, and was able to work with local community leaders to locate children that might be in need of an orphanage. That first year we took in 13 children.

The home had a five-bunk bedroom for boys and a five-bunk bedroom for girls, as well as a dining room that served as a homework station, outdoor bathrooms, an outdoor kitchen and a spacious yard for kids to play. The home sat at the bottom of a steep hill that the children had to climb to get to school and church.

Over time, thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we were able to take in more children and we were soon outgrowing the space. After much prayer, we decided to fundraise to build a new dormitory in Kiritiri, Kenya, which is where our new Victoria’s Children campus is now. Click here to learn about our current campus.

1st Victoria's Children Home


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